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Create A Website that Brings the Audience to Kick Off Your Online Presence

A well-developed and attractively design website boosts your business and helps to promote organizational goals

When you think about any business, your 1st and easiest interaction with the audience is only made possible through a website. Experts say, around 90% of visitors decide to stay or leave a website depending on their first impression of the website design. An intuitive and eye-catchy website with easy access and buttons is the key to your revenue maximization.

That’s why XaneTech always looks for ideas and innovations to make your website top-class with your basic needs fulfilled. We develop basic, business, and eCommerce websites that serve as the bottom of your online presence. Our website development service is digitally transformative, extraordinarily-performing, and feature-packed with mobile-friendliness.

XaneTech is the best website developer and designer service provider in Bangladesh and we take pride in sky-rocketing your online business with the best website design optimized for audience satisfaction to boost revenue with our Magento, Drupal, HTML5, Laravel along with leading website developers.

Why XaneTech Website Development and Design Is Different

A perfect website isn’t impossible, XaneTech makes it possible

A well-optimized and accurately developed website with an eye-catchy design generates traffic and increases a higher conversion rate with solid ROI. Undoubtedly, creativity plays a key role in the best website development and design service.

But it’s something more than creativity only. XaneTech, the most affordable website developer and designer addresses the issue.

Simple Yet Attractive Layout

A website layout doesn’t need to be complicated. We focus on developing a website layout that is simple and functional but not boring definitely. The key is to keep visuals and texts with proper approximation with information at the forefront.

Easy Navigation

A visitor will quickly leave a website if he can’t navigate the menus easily. One way of increasing visitors' time spent on the website is to make the navigations as easy as possible. We set-up the layout to help the audience find their right content effortlessly.

Show Necessary Content

We believe that stuffing your website with too many contents isn’t an ideal practice. Instead, we only design the website to feed it with the right content that serves audiences' needs. It includes texts, audiovisuals, etc. to meet visitors' requirements.

Whitespace isn’t Bad

Although many website owners don’t like whitespace or blank space in their website, the reality is another way. When the space is well-organized without any text or images, it triggers the readability score. We make sure the website maximizes its whitespace.

Call for Action

What do you want the website visitors to do? Do you want to sign-up for email or buy your products and services? We set a clear call for action so that visitors know what you want with vivid and practical buttons. So, visitors know what precisely they require and what you offer.

Attractiveness is the Key

The images, font, and overall presentation of the website must be simple, practical, and eye-catchy. You mustn’t overdo it. We prepare the layout with eye-catch colors, easy to read fonts, and high-quality but well-optimized images. It helps the website increase ROI and conversion rate.

XaneTech offers true result-oriented website development and design service at affordable pricing. We aim to prepare a website that serves your organization and business purpose with perfection. You are only a few clicks away from enhanced revenue with our website service.

How to Check Your Website Design Quality?

When you seek help from a website developer and designer service to build your desired website, your goal is to connect with the audiences. But how do you know that the service provider has served you with a good-quality, result-oriented, and well-optimized website?

Here’s take note of the XaneTech checklist for a high-performing and revenue booster website.

In the first place, the website must be smartphone-friendly. It is important because over 50% of search engine results nowadays come through mobile devices. The fonts, layout, and overall design should feel friendly and attractive for mobiles too.

A high-quality website must be responsive. It means the website should load fast both on PC and smartphone. When the webpages and their images or videos load fast, it brings a positive impression among the visitors. SO, your conversion rate gets a boost.

The website layout must be practical and simple. Instead of looking fancy, the layout must be simple. The key is to help the audience find the right information with the least effort. When the navigation is simple, audiences feel comfortable browsing the webpages.

The font color, design, image optimization, and overall look of the website must be intuitive. The website doesn’t need to overfeed with too many things. The simpler the better is the key to a good-quality website. It helps in ROI enhancement greatly.

The call for action button of the website must be clearly visible with proper indications. Visitors must know what the call for action is asking for from them. XaneTech indeed helps in designing the button and navigation menu as user-friendly as possible.

The UI and UX of your website must be well-optimized. The webpage search result displays should be intuitive. Visitors should find the navigation easy and quickly find their necessary information from the website as easily and quickly as possible.

What XaneTech offers

Basic Website Development

If you look for a simple website to fulfill your basic organizational needs, we come up with our basic website development. It comes with the idea to inform your targeted audience with the right information. These websites are key to any educational institutions, organizations, NGOs, etc.

Business Website Development

Whether you are a big multinational company or an Amazon affiliate seller, you must equip with a customer-focused, fast-loading, and user-optimized website with an excellent layout. XaneTech makes sure your website triggers the business and boosts sales and revenue.

E-commerce Website

An E-commerce website must come up with the best call for action button so clients can easily buy their desired product or service from the site. XaneTech builds these websites with tangible search booster using Magento, Drupal, HTML5, etc. Thus, your website has the best UI and UX features to promote sales.